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Gifts for Musicians

Are you searching for a gift for a flute player, a gift for a clarinet player or other musician? Beaumont's stylish accessories are a great idea. Chose from; flute case, clarinet neck straps, music bags, flute cleaning cloths, clarinet bags, flute bags and more.

Student Flutes for Sale

If you want to find out more about our flutes for sale email us

Do you want to buy a flute online?

We have many flutes for sale; student and intermediate flutes, transverse flutes and curved head flutes! But not just flutes, we have woodwind accessories that make great music gifts; flute cases, clarinet cases, cleaning cloths, clarinet neck straps and saxophone neck straps.

Beaumont flutes and accessories are specifically designed with the student in mind. With a refreshing array of colours and patterns, Beaumont have injected life into the tired and drab world of woodwind. From Zebra and Giraffe print flute cases to Pink Polka Dot and Tiger print clarinet/sax/oboe straps there is something for everyone. The new flute carry cases also offer a trendy way to transport your hard flute case and double up as a funky handbag. These accessories have been carefully developed ensuring above all that quality and functionality stand firm behind these eye-catching designs.

Learn to Play Day 2013

On 16th March FriendlyFlutes opened their doors to offer free flute and clarinet lessons as part of National Learn to Play Day. Click here for more info and pictures from our day!

There are 15 million people in the UK that either want to play an instrument or used to play one. The Day is designed to welcome people into music shops and to inspire them to get playing.People are often surprised to discover that they are musical and simply need a musical “experience” to get them inspired to start playing.

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